Thanks for checking out my bifurcated recording efforts over the decades. (The other vein being the great support provided by the Achievements on the other "Songs" page.) This page has some wide-ranging and far-flung material that exists thanks in large part to Paul Brokaw in the '80s and, this century, Broke and Joe Refano at Media Mechanix. There also are chestnuts recorded by producer Doug Wood in the 1977-78 period prior to the Achievements.

"And Friends" involves some super opportunities for me to sing with greats like Kate Corrigan and Shannon Rae and features the return of brothers Greg and Richard Meade to the studio! (Check out "She Changes Everything" and "You Are the One.") On that note, Greg and Rich are re-returning to record new songs which will appear right here! Soon! (It being our 40th anniversary or so of collaboration.)

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